More About Me

I'm Raman Gill, a REALTOR® amazed by the profound wealth-building potential real estate offers. I studied in Asia and attended Business School in Europe. My love for numbers lead me to a degree in accounting, which helps me quickly analyze a deal intuitively, like a sixth sense.  I've honed my skills, networking with industry insiders, by attending annual events hosted by Berkshire Hathaway, farm meetings, shows and conferences. My geographical span reaches across California, Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina, Indiana and Texas.  As your trusted advisor, I bring a unique blend of education, experience, contacts and a passion to make your real estate journey seamless. Whether you're a family envisioning their dream home or investor looking to diversify into agriculture assets while land-banking. I am your key to prosperity. Reach out so we can talk about your real estate needs.


Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi